February 20


University of New England

The education program of UNE includes a strong focus on differentiation theory and strategies as well as motivational theory and practice.

University of Rio Grande, School of Education

The University of Rio Grande offers a  master of education that focuses on using multiple intelligences according to Howard Gardner’s psychological theories of learning.

Carol Tomlinson – Fulfilling the Promise of Differentiation

Carol Tomlinson is the first name in differentiated instruction.

Benjamin Bloom and the Taxonomy of Learning

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Portaportal is a web-based organizational tool

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Teddi Kella-Fuller’s Special Education Squido Lens

Teddi Kella-Fuller has pulled together more special education information in one place than I have been able to find in a long time. Check out her top-rated site!

Differentiated Instruction: A Reasearch Brief for Practitioners, University of Alberta

Excellent summary

Differentiating Instruction for Advanced Learners in the Mixed-Ability Middle School Classroom

Carol Tomlinson’s article helps us with these especially challenging students

Enhance Learning with Technology

Computers help us do differentiated instruction

Internet 4 Classrooms – Helping Teachers Use the Internet Effectively

“Sites that help classroom teachers adjust their teaching process to their learners needs”

Activities for Differentiated Instruction

Eighty-seven page goldmine of instruction based in Bloom’s Taxonomy and Gardner’s multiple intelligences

Teacher Tap

Professional development for teachers and librarians

The Access Center

Differentiating instruction for math (and more)

100 Best YouTube Videos for Teachers
Attachment iconPeer- Share Introduction to Differentiated Instruction.mht  by Robert San Juan

In addition to using books and magazines to find out about Differentiated Instruction, why not also use the power of the Internet?  Have Fun!!


Fabulous site for copyright-free phots for all your creative work


A rich and useful collection of insight and ideas on the development and learning of children. This site speaks to parents as well as teachers.

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4 thoughts on “Resources

    1. Deborah Kerwood (Post author)

      I enjoyed reading edumantra immensely. I found it to be a rich and interesting collection of ideas on the development and education of children. I will happily post the link on Show and Tell Links page.

      Best Wishes to you and thank you for this useful information.


  1. Deborah Kerwood (Post author)

    Hello Teddi,

    I would be happy to add your Squidoo Special Education Lens link. This amazing site puts it all together for parents first seeking information on special education as well as teachers in the field – a truly useful place.


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