July 9

Vocabulary Sets

Click on the photo to go to the vocabulary set. Click on the Quiz link to go to the quiz*.

If you want to make changes to a Vocabulary Set, just go to file and select “make copy”. You may want to add pictures of your own school or students – they love it, or you may not find my humour relevant or funny. For example, for the word demagogue, I think Hitler blowing kisses is hilarious, but it won’t hurt my feelings if you decide to change it in your own copy – I give it freely – Enjoy!

*Note on Quizzes

– After the first few quizzes, I realized that some students were having trouble, so at Quiz 8 I created a second version, Quiz Modified, most of those are matching.

-You can edit quizzes in Google Docs by choosing “Make a copy”

-Here is a comprehensive quiz I made to use with Scantron to get baseline data to measure a year’s growth in vocabulary. It uses 50 of the 180, including a few word parts.









Quiz 1








 Quiz 2








 Quiz 3

Vocabulary 4







Quiz 4

Vocabulary 5







Vocabulary 5

Quiz 5 








Quiz 6

vocabulary 7







Vocabulary 7

 Quiz 7


Vocabulary 8

Vocabulary 8

 Quiz 8

Vocabulary 9

Vocabulary 9

Quiz 9

Quiz 9 Modified








Quiz 10

Quiz 10 Modified











   Quiz 11

Quiz 11 Modified

Quiz 12

Quiz 12 Modified

Quiz 13

Quiz 13 Modified

Quiz 14










Quiz 15

Quiz 15 Modified







Quiz 16

Quiz 16 Modified








Quiz 17

Quiz 17 Modified








Quiz 18

Quiz 18 Modified


Vocabulary 19









Vocabulary 19

Quiz 19

Quiz 19 Modified

Vocabulary 20








Vocabulary 20

Quiz 20








Quiz 21

Quiz 21 Mod







Quiz 22

Quiz 22 Modified









Quiz 23

Quiz 23 Modified

Vocabulary 24






Vocabulary 24

Quiz 24

Quiz 24 Modified






Vocabulary 25

Quiz 25

Quiz 25 Modified

Vocabulary 26








Vocabulary 26

Quiz 26

Quiz 26 Modified








Vocabulary 27

Quiz 27

Quiz 27 Modified








Vocabulary 28

Quiz 28

Quiz 28 Modified








Vocabulary 29

Quiz 29

Quiz 29 Modified












Vocabulary 30

Quiz 30







Vocabulary 31

Quiz 31

Quiz 31 Modified







Vocabulary 32

Quiz 32







Vocabulary 33

Quiz 33

Quiz 33 Modified








Vocabulary 34

Quiz 34

Quiz 34 Modified









Vocabulary 35










Vocabulary 36

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Currently I am an intervention specialist for grades 9-12 in a small, rural school district. I created a learning center during my first five years. Then I taught for two years in Cairo, Egypt. Now, I am back in my first classroom, and the learning center continues to grow. In addition to the students who have individual education plans, I serve students who are at risk of failing or dropping out. I have focused my professional development studies on educational technology and phonics instruction.

3 thoughts on “Vocabulary Sets

  1. chardouthit13

    Hi! I love these sets. I’ve had the 180 Wordstrips for quite a few years now, and never had the time to do much with them. You have done such a great job with this. My only problem is that whenever I click on the picture for Vocab Set #30, set 29 loads. I have tried on four different browsers and two different computers (a Dell and a Macbook Pro. Is there a set for Lesson 30? If so, will you help me get to it?

    1. Deborah Kerwood (Post author)

      Yes, thank you xbillions for checking out the links. I will go now to fix the error. I am also adding the quizzes today. To heck with painting my living room. I would much rather work with words! Thank you again for bringing this to my attention. I have spent hundreds of hours on the 180 Word project, and I want to get it right. Please check again in a couple hours. 🙂

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